what to do in a 30 minute lunch break

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I am stuck in an office 36 hours a week and generally don’t mind, because the location I work at is simply awesome: right next to one of the biggest city parks in The Netherlands, called Sonsbeek Park. If I wanted, I could walk to Hoge Veluwe National Park from there without leaving nature. It’s the biggest wilderness area in The Netherlands and it all starts right from where I work.

Whenever I can I get out and take a walk. Today I took the route westbound, to the Zypendaal castle and its estate. On the way over to the castle I noticed a blue heron, which always leaves me entertained. The way those animals follow and get to their prey is amazing!


Next up on my journey was the Zypendaal Castle. Built in 1762-1764 and very pretty. I am not sure if there’s still people living there but I sure would love to, in the middle of nature and quietness…


The castle is usually my turnaround point, from where I return back to the office. The last part of the walk is the best. It leads you into the middle of the woods and makes you feel you are miles away from everything. The perfect way to energize and release stress. I am already looking forward to all the leaves coloring and the fall colors changing the landscape dramatically…


And then, after half an hour, it’s time to return to the office. I’m slowly getting back into the world of cars and other people and the routine of being a working person. But a happy person because I got some fresh air, saw the beauty of nature in various ways and full of energy to dig into the next challenge work has to offer.

I am sorry about the poor picture quality, they were snapshots taken with my iPhone… I’m sure you’ll forgive me!

In the past I used to stay inside, not wanting to go out or to lazy to do something. Now I know how good it is to get out, get some fresh and reset your brain. To experience the beauty of nature and the peaceful trails that lead me to quiet places where it’s quiet and fresh. Tell me what you do during your lunchbreak! Do you get out and take a walk, or do you stay in and chat with colleagues? Or do you not take any break at all? I’m curious to hear!


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