20 Parks Challenge: Loonse & Drunense Duinen

By travelleranto on 2013.12.06 In 20 Parks Challenge

P1000582It’s been a while since I posted here but it has been incredibly busy over the past couple of weeks. My personal blog is booming and I’ve decided to accept several writing projects for other websites,too. Luckily my 20 Parks Challenge is still marching straight ahead and over the past month I’ve visited two of them, so it wasn’t all sitting indoors behind the pc and writing. Today I’ll tell you a bit about my visit to Loonse and Drunense Duinen.

This park is located in the province of Noord Brabant, about an hour driving from where I live. The original plan was to go mountainbiking but since I still don’t have a mountainbike and our bike rack came down from the wall in our garage the night before and got broken, we couldn’t even carry one. So hiking it was instead…

The park mostly consists of shifthing sands and conifers, making it quite green even in November. The shifting sands date back from the middle ages and the tiny hills in the woods go back way further, to the time when our country was glaciated. Inside the park threre is a great amount of walking trails, all combined they make a 115 km long network. You’ve just gotta buy the map (or, in our case, borrow it from our family) and make a plan where you want to go. In our case we planned on doing a 10k walk.


The first part of the walk mostly took us through the forest. It was a dark day and not too many people were out. The second part of the walk we wandered through the shifting sands, where there are pretty much no trails and you have to find you own way. This was the nicest part of the walk even though the wind was howling and it was quite some hard work for our calves. After finishing the walk we went to a cafe where we ate some Brabantse Broeder: a local delicacy. It was a nice afternoon out and I can’t wait to go back and do the mountainbike trail…


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