Easter adventure

By travelleranto on 2014.04.15 In 20 Parks Challenge hiking Netherlands

Good morning all! It’s a chilly Tuesday morning and we actually had some frost over the past night. Argh! Not what I was looking for… Easter is on its way and since we usually don’t like gathering around a bunch of Easter eggs with our families (sorry guys) we escape the lot and make our way over to some place else. This time, it will be Zeeland. Not New Zealand (aka other side of the world) but Zeeland, where the word New Zealand actually comes from.

So what will we be doing here. Let me start by saying we have never been here before. Not really that is, as a traveler. Remember the 20 Parks Challenge I’m on? Well, one of the parks is located there. It’s also the place where the famous Delta Works are that are supposed to keep our land dry when all the glaciers on this planet have melted. And they are supposed to be quite impressive.

Around this national park, which is actually an estuary, there’s a long distance hiking trail, of which we’re going to do about 80 km. We’ll be hiking and camping. Fun times! However, if it doesn’t freeze. I planned to bring my summer sleeping bag (instead of my incredibly bulky winter one) but since it’s still really cold, I may have to change plans. After all, last year we were also camping with Easter – in the snow!

Have a great Easter everyone! What are your plans?


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